Even if Fish Oil Sounds Bad, Try This

 There are plenty of options for improving your brain function, but sometimes going back to our roots is the best way to start. In this case, we mean looking at fish oil as a way to provide our brains with the omega-3 fatty acids we are used to consuming. For most people, this is important because it is a balance that we currently do not have.

Antarctic_krill_(Euphausia_superba) Fish oil used to be more common for humans because we lived near streams and rivers for fresh water. Now, we no longer live this way, which means we have less fish in our diet. This usually means less omega-3 fatty acids and many health people advocate fish oil. Some hear oil that comes from fish and get squeamish for good reason.

 One alternative is to take the fish oil in capsule form so that you don’t have to drink cod liver oil. While getting the capsules might come with “fish burps” if you get the wrong brand, it is still a lot easier than taking a spoon full of oil. It is also a good idea to get the most efficient fish that you can find. One way to do that is to take krill oil. This is a small sea creature that has better omega-3 fatty acid content than any other because it is better absorbed.

 At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how bad fish oil might sound. You need it in your diet and in your life or else you might find yourself in an unhealthy situation. These days in the nootropic and smart drug communities, it is common to get hung up on the latest and greatest products to improve mental capabilities. Sometimes this means forgetting the very basic supplements that can help like fish oil.

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