Experimental Soviet Drugs That Aren’t as Bad as They Seem

James Bond is the character from the British MI-5 that was charged with overwhelming elements of the Soviet Union and saving the world from assured destruction. While this character is fictional, there are plenty of realities about the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union. When it came to getting ahead of the other in the world, it was a matter of technology confronting technology in quick succession.

As each power tried to get ahead of the other, all reaches of society were touched in fundamentally different ways. One of the parts of society that was touched was supplementation and enhancing the cognitive abilities of employees working for the state. For example: Russian cosmonauts who were going into space.

In this article, we are going to talk about a few of of the drugs that made a difference in the Soviet world even though they may not have been the wonder drugs that scientists expected. These drugs might be able to help you now if you let them.

Experimental Drugs and the USSR

Here are a list of the experimental drugs that you can use in order to make big differences in your cognitive function.

Phenibut – this is a drug that was supposed to help cosmonauts to improve their even-headedness. Many of them were struggling in the harsh conditions of early space travel. Phenibut is a simple product that can help to achieve that. Even though it never became the wonder drug, it is a useful anti-anxiety tool to this day. Many people who are using phenibut for reducing anxiety and depression notice that it is an effective tool.

The only problem with phenibut is that it can sometimes have serious side effects. The drug is often considered dangerous in one sense because it has tolerance issues and it can create some withdrawal symptoms as well. Keeping this in mind will make it easy for you to have a better experience in the future.

Piracetam – this is the mother of smart drugs (or “nootropics”) as this tool can help to improve memory formation and learning ability. More importantly, this is a drug that has been tested in numerous studies over the past few decades.

Studies suggest that piracetam is a potent memory enhancing drug that allows for cognitive enhancement in the elderly and younger individuals. Adults of all kinds can utilize the drug as it increases acetylcholine uptake into parts of the brain, such as the hippocampus. This is essentially a way to improve memory formation and learning ability.

It is also useful for troublesome diseases that are related to cognitive decline, such as Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia. These diseases are some of the more important ones for enhancing your cognitive function while allowing you to get the best results. Many people who use piracetam also take choline to avoid headaches.

Aniracetam – another smart drug in the racetam family, this option is well known as a suitable nootropic for both cognition and improving memory formation. It is also a stimulant because of how it interacts with certain parts of the brain. If you want to use piracetam and aniracetam together, you’ll find many advantages. The nootropics have a synergy that is well-liked by many people

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