What to Do if I’m Addicted to Adderall?

We get a lot of questions about health and one of the emails we received last week was about the topic of Adderall (a prescription drug that is used for ADD / ADHD patients). If you have ever considered using this, you are not alone. There are over 11% of the US population between the ages of 4 and 17 that are currently using this drug in order to improve their ability to concentrate and remain on task.

Even though there are plenty of reasons why this is the case, it is something that you might want to avoid in certain situations as well. There are long-term health effects of getting Adderall in your system and that is the primary reason for finding an alternative.

Alternatives to Adderall

One of the main Adderall alternatives is a series of natural supplements that can help to aid in the dopamine part of the brain. Especially if you are already using Adderall and need a substitute, it is important for you to consider the options thatĀ help avoid the withdrawal effects of the drug. Some of these include things like rhodiola rosea and adaptogenic herbs that are similar (like ashwagandha).

You might also want to consider an alternative to Adderall that is based in enhanced focus and concentration without a lot of the negative side effects and consequences. One of the options for this is called modafinil. This is a greatly beneficial drug that helps a lot of people to overcome their feelings of lethargy and get work done.

The best part is, this is an alternative that is powerful but does not have the same effects as some of the other drugs. There is a much lower chance of addiction and a much lower feeling of euphoria from using the drug.

Whenever you are considering whether you want to take more Adderall or not, consider these alternatives and see if you can’t find something else that is going to make a difference.


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