4 Odd Things Everyone Should Plant

We have talked about nootropics and other adaptogenic herbs in the past, but we also want to ensure we speak about all the brain enhancing plants available on the marketplace. Most people don’t realize that not only are there many vegetables that are easy to grow (such as basil, onions, potatoes, and others), but you can also plant some of the healthier and more productive options as well.

There are many different items that you should plant if you have your own garden, but the following might be a better bet than you think. In the following article, we are going to discuss 4 odd things that you can plant in your yard even if you think it isn’t possible.

Planting Gardens of Greatness

Any time you plant in your garden, it’s important to consider all the implications. Some of the plants you want to grow for a short period and provide fruits and vegetables. Others you want to go for the long term where you can harvest and make collections later on. Within this article, we are going to make big changes that you can utilize for all of your endeavors.

#1. Rhodiola rosea – this is the natural herb that many people utilize in order to increase their adaptogenic prowess. Most people who are using rhodiola root find benefits, but sometimes it can take a little bit of time. Most people who are planting gardens seek rhodiola in order to make the best elixir that can prevent them from becoming overwhelmed by their day to day life.

Rhodiola is a stress reliving adaptogen so keep in mind, you’ll have to seek the root of this plant whenever you use it for cognitive enhancing properties.

#2. Cocoa beans – have you ever considered that you can make your own chocolate? The old fashioned methods of making chocolate have a significant impact on your overall health. Make sure that you are using an organic cocoa butter seed so that you get the best results when the plant comes to fruition.

#3. Ashwagandha – this might not seem like a real plant, but ashwagandha is native to the Indian subcontinent and many regions of Asia. It’s been used as an anxiety relieving drug for many years and continues to be one of the most important nootropic or cognitive enhancing plant products known to man.

#4. Turmeric – ever had turmeric root within the Indian style of cooking? Most people who eat turmeric find that it is a powerful tool to reduce inflammation and other markers.

3 Flowers and Plants to Reduce Signs of Aging

Visit the mall and you’ll see countless people complaining about signs of aging and fighting to remove them. Most people who are doing this are upper-class, have money to spend, and probably wouldn’t get much sympathy from the majority of humans on the world. However, their vanity isn’t new.

Historically speaking, people have been using different plant and herbal remedies to remove the signs of aging and improve beauty for thousands of years. It is far better for the environment (and for your health) to look at various options that include plant-based solutions.

In this article, we will cover 3 different flowers and plants that you can use to reduce the signs of aging.

#1. Green Tea Extract – this is a great way of using what nature has provided us for improving your aging. Instead of applying a topical cream of green tea extract, you take the supplement and it helps to remove the signs of aging via anti-oxidant properties. Your body is filled with toxins and the green tea extract can go through and get rid of these toxins in a natural way. It might require time, but it isn’t much of a problem if you are thinking about the long term! While products like instantly ageless¬†work very well, they are often some kind of natural compounds in their creation.

#2. Turmeric – this anti-inflammatory root is the perfect plant based matter for your aging issue. Filled with inflammation killing curcumin, this is a great yellow pigmented plant that is going to make a big difference in how you age over time. As with the green tea, it might not be the quickest thing in the world, but it sure is going to make your life better and healthier over time.

#3. Fish oil – this is always important when it comes to aging because it is one of the only nutrients that makes sure your cells are functioning at an optimal level. Most of the time, people who are using fish oil omega-3 DHA / EPA find that they don’t feel an instant effect, but their mental processes are definitely better.